Simple Payout Solutions For Any Size Company

Go beyond your office walls using Commission Unions easy payout system. Let your staff work from anywhere in the world without losing efficiency of a more traditional workplace and leave the payroll processing to us.
The Future is here!
We have over 20 years of experience in the Payment industry – and are always working to improve and modernize for you.
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Commission Union is instrumental proactive pivotal helpful in building and protecting your integrity.

A brand is like a delicate flower – and while it’s in its initial growing phases, it’s particularly succeptible to damage.

Our firm works hand-in-hand with your company to ensure that the product(s) or service(s) you put on offer get in front of the eyes you’re targeting. By employing the 3P Method (Planning, Placement, Protection) we make sure that your image is right for today’s market and that it will be positioned in the most advatageous way for your goals.

Our Services

Automate Affiliate Payments

Pay your affiliates in the currency and method of their choice Give partners the option to get paid sooner Reconcile your account instantly and Integrate with Quickbooks Online or your ERP.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate communication and instantly update status Make thousands of payments in minutes

International Payments

Commission Union will help you expand to new markets and pay your affiliates in their local currency

Payout Methods Your Payees Prefer

Let your payees collect their funds using a range of methods, including any one of the 300+m active accounts in PayPal’s network.

Influencer payments.

Your influencers drive brand awareness and sales for your clients. Pay your influencers the way they want when they want and where they want with our reduced fees and easy payment method

Q: So, why should you choose commission union?


Focus on how to attract new business, and we’ll take care of the payouts you need to send to your partners.

You name it, We can help!

Focus on how to attract new business, and we’ll take care of the payouts you need to send to your partners.
OUR payout capabilities help your organization send mass payments to contract workers, claimants, freelancers, and sellers around the world. Leverage our technology to quickly and securely send commissions, rewards, claims, and rebates to banked and unbanked payees globally.
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